People call me Lizzie Bee

People call me Lizzie Bee. Southern California is where i call home and I have a family that I wouldn't trade for anything. Taken By A Good Man. Life is too short to not enjoy the beauty, comedy, sadness, love and righteousness that it holds. So here I share the things that mean something to me, in hopes they will mean something to you as well. Like OrangeSUnshine Blog on FACEBOOK for streaming updates:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011



At Rising tide
You're looking fresher than a July bride
We're picking up what our mothers always stigmatized.
The field is right for reaping
Oh well
I guess I'm something of a neer-do-well
(Even though that's something I could never do well)
I'm on track and keeping
But oh
If I could only get you ocean side
To lay your muscles wide...
It'd be heavenly
If I could only coax you overboard
To leave these lulling shores
To get you oceanside.

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