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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Midnight In Paris

"We all fear death and question our existence. The artist job is not to succumb to despair, but to find the antidote to the emptiness of existence."

The Modern Woman

Friday, December 9, 2011

First Beer In Outer Space - Natural Light (Natty Light)

Queens Of The Stone Age - 3's & 7's

Sacha Goldberger Turns His 91-Year Old Grandma into a Superhero

"Frederika was born in Budapest 20 years before World War II. During the war, at the peril of her own life, she courageously saved the lives of ten people. When asked how, Goldberger told us "she hid the Jewish people she knew, moving them around to different places everyday." As a survivor of Nazism and Communism, she then immigrated away from Hungary to France, forced by the Communist regime to leave her homeland illegally or face death.

Aside from great strength, Frederika has an incredible sense of humor, one that defies time and misfortune. She is funny and cynical, always mocking the people that she loves."

see the entire collection HERE at

"Energism Paintings" by Julia Watkins

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Metric - Twilight Galaxy

"Did i ask you for attention, when affection is what i need?"

i wish i could have found the words for this numerous times in my life... but there's no twilight galaxy.

Metric - Sick Muse

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2-Year-Old Rapping

Found this on tosh.o blog this morning. Kid's got some groove. "two year old rapper has more swag than you"

Karmin - Crash Your Party

Congrats to Karmin, Once hanging out in Boston making home made music videos... pretty sweet first production video guys.

The Big Rock Candy Mountains

Stranger at Belly Up Solana Beach

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

OathBreakers & NWO Minions of High Treason Fears Ron Paul Educating Masses about US Constitution!

NWO Urban Inner City Concentration Camps in Phoenix Az. Survivor Tells His Story 11-24-2011

Still Life Comes Alive

23 year old D.C. based artist Alexa Meade is in the process of developing an aesthetic that skillfully and playfully combines portraiture, painting, photography and even performance. The initial imagery is a visual beauty in itself but after first glance, there's an ability to look past the illusion and see this encompassing, original new art form.


What children’s drawings would look like if it were painted realistically

"The Monster Engine is one of those projects that make me love the Internet for its ability to expose amazing creative talent to a worldwide audience. Illustrator Dave DeVries started with a simple question: What would a child’s drawing look like if it were painted realistically? In his own words:
It began at the Jersey Shore in 1998, where my niece Jessica often filled my sketchbook with doodles. While I stared at them, I wondered if color, texture and shading could be applied for a 3D effect. As a painter, I made cartoons look three dimensional every day for the likes of Marvel and DC comics, so why couldn’t I apply those same techniques to a kid’s drawing? That was it… no research, no years of toil, just the curiosity of seeing Jessica’s drawings come to life.
The Monster Engine is the 48-page outcome from that curiosity, and it looks wonderful. He describes the process as follows:
I project a child’s drawing with an opaque projector, faithfully tracing each line. Applying a combination of logic and instinct, I then paint the image as realistically as I can.
Below are some of my favorite illustrations from the project. Be sure to check out the whole gallery."

entire article via

3.2 Million Dots,

From Juxtapoz, "This is a portrait of my father, and it only took 3.2 million dots to complete it. So is the work of Miguel Endara, who used several different Micron pens to recreate a portrait of his father that was made on a photocopier. The video that goes with the portrait only took 210 hours to complete. Only."

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Makes You Question a Little.

So, the mister and I were hanging out last night trying to find some footage of a band we saw on 11-11-11. We ended up stumbling upon page after page on of 11-11-11 propaganda speaking of Nostradamus theories and the end of the world. Although i am still not convinced (at least not wholeheartedly), we found a video that was posted on March 21st of 2009 talking about a meteor coming frighteningly close to Earth on November 8th 2011.  Do any of you remember hearing about that meteor on the news the other day?.. That was on November 7th 2011. I'm not going to get into any further long shot theories here, but i just wanted to share the video and let you have your own opinions on it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shintaro Ohata

Mural in Montreal

 What is the idea behind this piece? What does it represent?
The idea was to step out of our comfort zone and show the public what graffiti artists can be capable of. There is an amazing amount of quality work being produced within Montreal’s graffiti scene. Unfortunately, bad press and political strategies often only show the “negative” side of it, creating unneeded friction between citizens and our culture. Graffiti as a form of visual language can be hard to comprehend for most. We thought it would be interesting to paint this mural in a more common language, using imagery that anyone can understand, initiating dialogue and building bridges. For this, we chose to inspire ourselves from Alphonse Mucha, father of Art Nouveau (1860-1939), a style of art that most people know or have seen before. Of course, we gave it our own flavor and used N.D.G as the main theme. The end product being our take on “La Notre-Dame-de-Grâce” or "Our Lady of Grace.”

How did you decide on the "Lady of Grace" subject?
“Our Lady of Grace” English for “Notre-Dame-de-Grâce” (N.D.G) is the name of a residential neighborhood of Montreal located in the city's west-end, where the mural was painted. We decided to bring this fictional character to life so that this borough could have an iconic symbol of its own.

How much work went into prepping for this mural?
We spent a few weeks figuring out the concept, planning the layout , collecting sponsors and gathering references that represent the neighborhood.

How did you get permission from the city to do this?
Through Help from the City of Montreal and the borough, Prevention N.D.G. - a local not-for-profit that works with the community - the city came up with a budget that was meant to be used in the context of beautifying an area and, though that can be done in many ways, we decided to propose this mural as a means to bringing some color to a gray part of town. After many months of negotiation and preparation, we finally got the ok on our project and got to work.

How do you think the mural turned out? Were you all happy with it?
We’re all very happy with the end result. The crazy part is that we’re more motivated now than ever and realize that this is only the tip of the iceberg for what we have planned for future projects.

Have you participated in any similar projects in Montreal or elsewhere?
We have been painting murals for a long time and most of them for free. Nowadays, we generally get commissioned by the commercial and private sectors. We’ve done similar projects in Europe and in different parts of Canada but this is the first time that we’ve had the opportunity to work on a community project in our own city that allowed us full control over our creation.

Do you think the city should finance more projects like the one in N.D.G? Why?
Absolutely, because it’s a gain for everyone. What better way to regain dead space.

Although graffiti communities are close knit and we often share similar values, the reasons why we do graffiti in the first place are not always the same. Some want their name out there and have little need for the artistic side of it. For others, there is a creative process. If we don’t acknowledge it and support it, we are preventing these people form potentially doing great things as artists.

Underwater experiments

 Skeleton shrimp Caprella septentrionalis 

Red Bull. Amphipoda Acanthonotozoma inflatum. 
 Sea slug Coryphella polaris via

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Epic Dubstep Battle

Southern California Penthouse Model's Death

"In 1975, Anneka Vasta was the Penthouse Pet of the Year. But on Jan. 4, 2011, joggers found Vasta's nude, dead body washed up on the shores of Camp Pendleton, the major Marine Corps base near San Diego. She was still so slim and youthful looking, the San Diego Union Tribune reports, that military police thought she was a teenager.
The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is now asking anyone who has information about Vasta's death or saw her before her body was found to contact them. She had a broken neck and back, and police have yet to determine whether she was the victim of accidental drowning or committed suicide. Her family has "vehemently denied" she would have killed herself, the Union Tribune reports.
Her car was found parked on a viewpoint 60 feet above the Pacific Ocean, and the Union Tribune reports that a bloody bra and blouse, as well as a blood-stained steak knife, were found in the car.
Vasta used the name Anneka Di Lorenzo in her modeling days. She also played Messalina in Penthouse founder Bob Guccione's infamous 1979 movie "Caligula," the first movie to feature major stars in a film with explicit sex scenes. The film is famous as one of the only films critic Roger Ebert walked out of. Ebert later awarded it zero stars and described the movie as "sickening, utterly worthless, shameful trash."
Vasta once dated Guccione, but in 1990, she won a $4 million lawsuit against him, claiming he compelled her to have sex with two of his business associates, the New York Times reports.
She was born Marjorie Thoreson in Minnesota, but left there at just 14 for Los Angeles."

 Entire article copied directly from MSNBC

Hilarious - Shark Pool

Skrillex - Move bitch Ludacris - Electric Daisy carnival 2011 - Las vegas motor Speedway