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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kris Lewis

Kris Lewis, holy wow. At first glance i had the impression that a woman painted these because of the feelings i got from them - the femininity of the subjects - but it is Kris Lewis, Jersey boy relocated to Los Angeles who is responsible for these beauties. I cannot even grasp the photo realism of these paintings. The way he captures the subjects being with so much visible emotion is fucking gorgeous. Yes, FUCKING GORGEOUS. 

Artist Statement from his website: "As I begin a painting the subject physically, emotionally and spiritually reveals itself to me.  Each brushstroke speaks to the subsequent stroke, carrying out a dialogue, linking my subject and me as if we were meeting for the first time. I find this uncertainty exciting and embrace the indecisive nature of my work."

Go check out the SITE for more images. You won't be disappointed. Extremely talented and seemingly passionate artist.

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