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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fleet Foxes - Mykonos (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

"’s a little hard to tell what type of animation you’re even looking for the first few seconds of the video. Clearly, so many frames have been dedicated to every little movement that it flows almost perfectly. Directed by Sean Pecknold, the brother of singer Robin Pecknold’s, the video follows the adventures of a pair of triangular feet traversing a two dimensional universe made entirely of paper. Just like South Park! But really, almost nothing like South Park."

Love The Creators Project description of the Mykonos video. Great tune and an equally appealing visual to accompany it.  I almost get the feeling of The Wizard Of Oz sans witches and dancing munchkins. The beginning journey towards the clear superpowers,

followed by a realization and a fall back to reality.

However you look at it, the video is beautifully hand crafted and worth a watch. 

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