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Friday, February 17, 2012

Loa Noche Oscura - The Dark Night ST JOHN OF THE CROSS translated by SHINZEN YOUNG

Loa Noche Oscura - The Dark Night
translated by SHINZEN YOUNG
On a dark night,
On fire with longing for love,
Oh happy venture!
I left, unseen,
My house being still . . . at last.

In darkness, and safe,
By the secret stairway, in disguise,
Oh happy venture!
In darkness and concealed,
My house being still . . . at last. 

Into the happy night, 
In secret, for no one saw me
And neither did I see anything,
Without light or guide,
Other than that which burned in my heart.

And this guided me,
More surely than the light of noon,
To where He awaited
One well known to me
 In a place where no one would appear.

O night that guides!
O night more lovely than the light of noon!
O night that unites
The Lover with the beloved,
And transforms the lover into the Beloved!

On my flowering breast,
Which I reserved entirely for Him alone,
There He dwelt and slept
And i caressed Him,
And the cedars fanned us with their breeze.

The breeze blew over the castle wall and
As i ran my fingers through His hair,
With His gentle hand
He pinched my neck,
And suspended all my senses.

Thus I stayed, and forgot myself,
Resting my face upon the Beloved;
Everything stopped, and i was set free,
Leaving my care behind
Forgotten, among the lilies.

from Wisdom of the East
Stories of compassion, inspiration, and love
Compiled by Susan Suntree

Thank you Steven Kirk Barham 
I Love You

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