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Wednesday, February 22, 2012




Vice: Hey David. What are you up to?
David: I’m in Las Vegas with Harry, we’re eating soup.
Oh great. How’s the gambling going?
It’s been fucking bad. Well, you’re calling us at the end of the trip and it’s finally good, but it was bad the whole time. So it’s good.
Glad to hear. Sorry to bother you guys are on vacation.
No, you think this is vacation? This shit’s work. We do this to secure for next year.
Speaking of work, can we talk for a minute about the the filming of the Thumbs Up! China? When I watch the episodes it just seems like you guys are having a blast.
This was the hardest trip for us because of the language barrier and we had a lot of nervous breakdowns. Or at least I did. Whenever something becomes work — even if it’s fun — it’s stressful. There’s the stress of not knowing what’s going to happen, or of knowing that someone is paying you to make the show. Oh, and then of course there’s the stress of knowing someone in your group’s falling in love with hookers. We are not going to get into the hooker story; you gotta see Thumbs Up! for that.
So the crew was troublesome? How so?
This was our biggest crew so far. We had Harry, Stephanie, who was the translator, Joe, who was doing still photography, and then Paul, my brother. So everyone in the group knows each other. The language barrier at one point became so frustrating we just ended up screaming at each other. “No one listens! You’re not listening to me!” Life on the road is tough, man.
I thought you’d be used to it by now.
I’ve been traveling nonstop all over the world since I was 15, and that means I stayed at a lot of youth hostels, and you just hear couples breaking up all the time in the next room — or in your own room. Basically being on the road is like you know somebody in your everyday life but then you’re with them out of your comfort zone, so people react differently in different situations and it’s not always like you think it’s going to be. If you meet somebody that you can travel with like that and it’s all good and you don’t want to kill them, then you should probably marry that person.
A travel partner is definitely hard to find. You obviously seem to get along pretty well with Harry.
Harry is the heart and soul of Thumbs Up! and he’s the greatest. Every season of Thumbs Up! always starts with the cameraman and the rest of the crew being down for adventure, being down for the road, being down for like, “yeah I’ll go to the end of the earth with you!” Despite all this initial excitement, the show always dends with them like crying to go home, bitching, complaining, and whining — “Oh I didn’t think it was going to be like this, I miss my girlfriend.” It’s just like, yeah, I fucking told you it was not going to be easy. Harry never ever fucking complains, he’s down for anything. That’s hard to find. Girls say to guys, “I’ll live in a shack,” but they’ll never live in a shack. Dudes, they all turn into pussies on the road.
You’ve been pretty busy since you came back from China, releasing new toys, you had a show in Los Angeles, put out a fancy book and you just had another gallery show in Japan, right?
Unfortunately I am still not allowed into the country. I’m working on that. For the time being I got to have a very successful art show in Japan without ever setting foot in the country.
For the people that don’t know your back story that well, could you tell us why you’re not allowed into Japan?
I am, basically, a typical American who acts extremely ignorant and deadly when I’m in other countries. This behavior finally caught up with me about 5 years ago when I got into an altercation with an undercover security guard, knocked him out, and resisted arrest. In the end, I got a 7-year suspended sentence in Japan, of which I served 3 months before they let me out. So I’m technically not allowed back in. But I need to prove to the Japanese consulate why I absolutely must be in Japan and an art show is not a good enough reason so UNICEF is currently writing me a letter to get back in. We’ll see what happens.
I hear you and the Die Antwoord people have become fast friends.
I actually hooked Ninja and Yo-Landi, from Die Antwoord, up with all my connections in Japan. I think Yo-landi cried when she left the country. Yo-Landi sounds like an anime cartoon, and they told me the Japanese people went fucking crazy when they did their show up there.
Will you be doing projects together?
My business partner is Good Smile and they’re the largest independent toymakers in Japan, and nobody loves toys more than me and Ninja and Yo-landi so it’s like a perfect marriage. We’re working on tons of projects of toys and videos and stuff. Everything is top secret right now, but you’ll definitely see more stuff in the future.
How did you guys meet in the first place?
I had just seen Die Antwoord’s “Enter the Ninja” video, which was so completely disturbing that I just had to share it with everyone. At the same time, my best friends from Miami — these toy-makers named Friends With You — visited me in LA. We were just watching videos on YouTube and I was like “have you guys seen this video yet?” It turns out Ninja is a humongous fan of Friends With You. They were emailing him while planning to come to LA for the first time so they could be wined and dined by every single record label: Interscope, Sony, Warner Brothers, you name it. Friends with You told Ninja, “If you are gonna be in LA, you have to hang out with their brother David.” So Ninja calls me in the middle of the fucking Interscope meeting with Jimmy Lovine. I just show up and they’re in one of the biggest negotiations of their life, and they just didn’t give a fuck. Ninja was like, “Hey everyone, this is my brother David Choe!” I’d literally just met him. Everyone in the world was trying to sign them.
So you get to hang out when you’re all in LA?
Yeah, since then we’ve been like super tight. I have a lot of friends, but I don’t have many people that I keep very close to me, but when you meet someone and you connect on a mental and spiritual level instantly… they were like my brother and sister. Ever since then we’ve been super close.
I saw some photos of Ninja and your mom in your blog.
Oh yeah! So last time they were in LA, Ninja stopped by my parents house and my mom prayed for Ninja in Korean and my maid prayed for him in Spanish. It was fucking awesome. My mom loves Ninja. After he left she was like, “That guy is going to be blessed in everything he does and everywhere he goes.” My mom loves crazy people. Look at who her son is.
Ninja is pretty great.
Yeah, they guy’s amazing. He’s probably one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. I hear people go “Oh, he’s a one hit wonder” or “What is this, some kind of joke band?” or “That’s just like some like trendy shit” or whatever. But the guy has so much creativity pouring out of him. He does everything. He paints, he makes stuff, he raps, he makes music, he really does everything, and he thinks in such a big picture and he has such a great way of expressing himself. I’m surrounded by tons of talented people, but it’s like talent is talent. I think we’re in a society where we praise all these things like catching a football, or this guy is really awesome at guitar — but that’s just a skill. It’s very rare that you find someone who has the heart, that just fucking blasts out with all these creative ideas. That’s not something that is based on a skill or your talent or something that’s from your intellect or some physical attribute you’re born with. But take all those things of your mind, your soul, your body, your brain, and your spirituality. Take all four things and you express yourself fully and completely — it’s pretty amazing to see.
You said you have some collaboration projects in the works. What else do you guys talk about?
You know that book Neuromancer? I’ve never read it and his eyes almost popped out of his head, like, “Are you illiterate?” It’s one of his favorite books, and I said “No, I never read it. I mostly read comic books.” He couldn’t believe that I hadn’t read the book, so he acted out the entire book to me, playing every single character. Like the character Molly… it was just like… this was also during a business meeting and he was climbing all over the furniture. It was awesome.
Do you have video?
No, I took some pictures.
That would make an amazing show. Neuromancer acted by Ninja.
Those guys are basically like cartoons. He’s one of the most animated people I’ve ever met.

Neuromancer as portrayed by Ninja
You’ve made a bunch of drawings and paintings of them right?
Yeah. They’re so inspirational with what they’ve done with their lives, but just hanging out with them is like hanging out with Tom and Jerry or Bugs Bunny and Tweety. They’re like real cartoon characters, so whenever we are hanging out I can’t not draw them. Ninja’s eyes and his cheekbones, they look like cartoon characters they are so fun to draw.
Today we’re releasing a documentary we shot with them in Johannesburg about Tokoloshe, the most feared African demon. Tokoloshe is also featured in their Evil Boy video. I know that you made some drawings of Tokoloshe. Did Ninja tell you the story and you just started drawing them?
Ninja told me about this demon and he went into great detail about the demon with the 7 ft. penis called the Tokoloshe, that it’s from South African folklore and how people there really believe in this thing. It comes and it rapes people. It was just the most bizarre thing I’d ever heard. He wanted this in his next video and there are all kinds of depictions that other people have done but he had something very specific in mind.
The description he gave me had everything from what the tip of the Tokoloshe’s penis would look like to what the wrinkles on his hand would look like to the hairs on the back of his head. It was the most descriptive thing. He drew some preliminary sketches and just wanted me to help him refine it so I did a little bit of my style and drew this hunched over midget pug-dog-bird face guy with like his fucking humongous cock dragging on the floor. It was just so much fun. He would draw something and send it to me and I would draw my version and send it back. It was just fun working like that.

Have you ever been to South Africa?
No, but I can’t wait to go to South Africa.
Would you hitchhike there and take Ninja or Yo Landi with you and Harry?
Oh man, I would do that in a second. I’ve been to the Congo (obviously) and I’ve been to Africa before, but I always end up in Central Africa for some reason. I lived with a bunch of South Africans in Israel for a few years when I was younger, and they just… they were so racist without trying to be racist. They didn’t really realize how racist they were being. One guy used to call me Nintendo so everyone called me Nintendo. So I just never had any desire to go to South Africa. Then I met Ninja and Yo-Landi and I’ve heard so much from them about living in Cape Town. Also District 9 was so fucking out of control… I’d love to go and see the country, something besides the Congo which is so fucking brutal. Africa is a crazy, crazy place, man.
Maybe we should do season 4 of Thumbs Up! in South Africa?
Yeah, I’d love to. If I could get Harry to ever do a _Thumbs Up! again I would probably do South Africa. Definitely gonna chill with the non-english speaking places for a bit.
You can take Ninja as your Afrikaans translator. What do you think that would be like?
It would be amazing. I think you guys should film Thumbs Up! without me and Harry and just have Yo-Landi and Ninja be me. The show would be much better.
That would be pretty hilarious. You ended up dancing on stage with them at Coachella. Right?
Yeah. I mean, Ninja calls me last minute, “Yo, we’re going on stage in about an hour, get the fuck over here.” Originally Matt and Trey Parker from South Park were going to be Die Antwoord’s backup dancers but they couldn’t make it, so I filled in. Ninja said I had to dance naked, and I was like, “Yeah… that’s not really my thing.” But Ninja didn’t give me a choice. In fact, he wanted my friend Jason to dance naked too. I was like, “Fuck, I don’t know how to dance, I’m not Harry.” Harry is like the best dancer in the world and I thought, “There’s no way I’m going to live this down, so I gotta hide.” That’s when I went to Walmart and bought an Iron Man mask — it was liberating. I gotta tell you man, I never in my fucking life thought I would dance in front of thousands of people, but they came onstage with “Enter the Ninja” and the place went fucking insane.

Sasha Grey
Since we’re on the subject of drawing VBS’s favorite people, you’re also making some pretty cool drawings and paintings with Sasha Grey as your model, right?
Yeah Sasha is amazing. She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve met. I mean, it’s nice to be friends with people that are very liberal with their body. I had a friend in the studio with me once who, while he was painting, looks up and sees Sasha in the room. He asked if it was her, I said yeah. “Well what is she doing here?” “Oh I’m friends with her.” “What?” I’m taking pictures of her and drawing her and she’s walking around naked and he’s like, “What the fuck is your life, dude?” She likes my art and I like to see her naked so the whole thing just works out.
That’s a pretty good exchange for sure.

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