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People call me Lizzie Bee. Southern California is where i call home and I have a family that I wouldn't trade for anything. Taken By A Good Man. Life is too short to not enjoy the beauty, comedy, sadness, love and righteousness that it holds. So here I share the things that mean something to me, in hopes they will mean something to you as well. Like OrangeSUnshine Blog on FACEBOOK for streaming updates:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Matt Gaser (15 Pieces)

"The most satisfying moment in making art is not the final idea, but the process it took to get there," says Gaser. "I'm inspired by the world around me and the hundreds of talented artists living today pushing my skills to grow in the arts. I hope my artwork inspired others to dream of the unknown realm, to travel to fantasy worlds, and to look into themselves to call upon their imagination."

(matt gaser)
(via ConceptArtWorld)

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