People call me Lizzie Bee

People call me Lizzie Bee. Southern California is where i call home and I have a family that I wouldn't trade for anything. Taken By A Good Man. Life is too short to not enjoy the beauty, comedy, sadness, love and righteousness that it holds. So here I share the things that mean something to me, in hopes they will mean something to you as well. Like OrangeSUnshine Blog on FACEBOOK for streaming updates:

Friday, March 25, 2011

I can see in your eyes
That your livin'a lies
You divided your mind
From the things that make you real
Your connection is gone
From the world that is shown
You divided your mind
Over the things that make you real
Now you think you have awake
To the world that's on display
But you're blinded by the hole
That you've dug yourself into
Now you think you have a light
And that you see reality
But the truth be on your mind
On your insecurities

lyrics by Dub fx
Image is a Mercedes ad

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